Daily Archives: September 30, 2016

Motorcycle Museum of Finland

On Wednesday 28th we visited the Motorcycle Museum of Finland in Lahti. It is about 100 km from where we live. They opened it five years ago and that is for how long we have been talking about to go there.

There are, of course, mostly motorbikes and bike stuff but some other things also. I liked the old school desk with attached chairs. Just like those we had at school. Another thing was the jukebox in the restaurant. Loaded with old time music. The waitress said you are allowed two play it. No coins needed. Just press the buttons to select. To me it both looked and sounded exactly like the one which was in the bar we used to gather at as teenagers. So while having lunch we listened to my teenage favorites. Many of the pieces I still love to listen to. The baked potato with prawns and salad was good.