Daily Archives: September 16, 2016

Jacky & The Shopping Bag

Jacky and the shopping bag img_1874cJacky and the shopping bag img_1879c

Here’s another passion. If he loves the garbage bucket I think he loves the shopping bag even more. When we come home from the grocery shopping and are emptying the bag he comes galloping. First he inspects all the items. He make no mistakes about the scents. If there is a packet of chicken, meat or fish he loudly tells us that that was what he was expecting and waiting for to find. I tell him wait, wait I will cook you some soon. When the bag is empty he jumps into the bag. He is in the bag, under the bag and spinning around in it. He pretends we don’t see him. Sometimes he “closes” the bag. Even happens he fall asleep in it. He only may play with the bag when we are at home.