Chrysanthemum and Fish

About a week and a half ago we had friends visiting. They brought us this pot with three huge chrysanthemum in different colours. I placed it on a birch stump in the back yard so that I can see it all the time from the living room window. Beautiful ! The weather still is nice and I hope it will continue so we still can enjoy it for weeks.Chrysanthemum img_1720c The guy likes to fish and brought us wonderful, fresh, deep frozen, fish fillets. There was two kind of fish, perch and walleye (abborre och gös) Well, that’s what I think they were. Embarrassing to admit but I know so little about fish and have cooked this kind of fish only a couple of times. On Saturday I looked up recipes on Google. Many say the best way is to pan fry in butter without any breading. Just add salt and pepper. So that’s what I did. And we loved it. Absolutely delicious. And not a single bone ! Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Thank you dear friends for visiting us and for both flowers and fish.Fried fish img_1814c

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