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Motorcycle Museum of Finland

On Wednesday 28th we visited the Motorcycle Museum of Finland in Lahti. It is about 100 km from where we live. They opened it five years ago and that is for how long we have been talking about to go there.

There are, of course, mostly motorbikes and bike stuff but some other things also. I liked the old school desk with attached chairs. Just like those we had at school. Another thing was the jukebox in the restaurant. Loaded with old time music. The waitress said you are allowed two play it. No coins needed. Just press the buttons to select. To me it both looked and sounded exactly like the one which was in the bar we used to gather at as teenagers. So while having lunch we listened to my teenage favorites. Many of the pieces I still love to listen to. The baked potato with prawns and salad was good. 

Canelo & Jacky

The circle cat toy with a ball in it is a favorite toy. Jacky plays with it every day. He is able to make the ball spin around super fast. Canelo thinks it sounds so funny and wants to do it too. So they do it together. Canelo cannot make the ball run as fast as Jacky. But, I think they are so cute and I love to watch them. Sometimes we even see Canelo playing with the toy all by himself. Sorry about the background noise which is the dishwasher.

Autumn Evening

Brown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1945cBrown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1954cBrown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1955cIt was a beautiful evening yesterday. No wind, still warm, +15 C, sunshine. I usually make an about 30 min. evening walk with Canelo. This time I made it a bit longer. I stopped to take many more pictures than usually. The flowers against the wall of the container looked so pretty. I think they are either Brown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed.Rowan berries img_1968cRowan berries img_1969cThen I stopped to shoot rowan berries.A drone with camera img_1986c When I was about to go back home a guy took out a drone with a camera from his trunk. I asked him would it be OK for me to shoot a couple of pics. Yes, yes, he said, no problem. He turned the drone on. I got one picture when it was still on the ground ready to go. Then it took off. Swoooooosh ! It scared Canelo so he almost pulled me down. When I looked up the drone was hundreds of meters up in the sky. I stood there staring up until my neck became stiff.Sunset img_1991c I turned around and saw the sun had just set. A couple of more pictures of the sunset and then we started to walk back home. It started to get dark. On the road I heard a car coming from behind. I stepped aside to let it pass. WHAT ! ? My husband ! He rolled down the window and said where have you been ? Why didn’t you answer the phone ? You have been away for two hours ! Have we been away that long ? I didn’t realize, time flew. Sorry ! I set the phone on silent during the language lesson and forgot to set it back. Really, he was worried enough to go look for me. I didn’t think he would 😉 And how many pictures did I take ? Oh my, 60 !

Jacky & The Shopping Bag

Jacky and the shopping bag img_1874cJacky and the shopping bag img_1879c

Here’s another passion. If he loves the garbage bucket I think he loves the shopping bag even more. When we come home from the grocery shopping and are emptying the bag he comes galloping. First he inspects all the items. He make no mistakes about the scents. If there is a packet of chicken, meat or fish he loudly tells us that that was what he was expecting and waiting for to find. I tell him wait, wait I will cook you some soon. When the bag is empty he jumps into the bag. He is in the bag, under the bag and spinning around in it. He pretends we don’t see him. Sometimes he “closes” the bag. Even happens he fall asleep in it. He only may play with the bag when we are at home.

Chrysanthemum and Fish

About a week and a half ago we had friends visiting. They brought us this pot with three huge chrysanthemum in different colours. I placed it on a birch stump in the back yard so that I can see it all the time from the living room window. Beautiful ! The weather still is nice and I hope it will continue so we still can enjoy it for weeks.Chrysanthemum img_1720c The guy likes to fish and brought us wonderful, fresh, deep frozen, fish fillets. There was two kind of fish, perch and walleye (abborre och gös) Well, that’s what I think they were. Embarrassing to admit but I know so little about fish and have cooked this kind of fish only a couple of times. On Saturday I looked up recipes on Google. Many say the best way is to pan fry in butter without any breading. Just add salt and pepper. So that’s what I did. And we loved it. Absolutely delicious. And not a single bone ! Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Thank you dear friends for visiting us and for both flowers and fish.Fried fish img_1814c