Look ! I’m outdoors

our cat Jacky IMG_1569Cour cat Jacky IMG_1574CAfter a couple of days of checking the terrace by just walking on the wooden parts he yesterday was ready to step out in to the grass and to from there jump up to the table where the flower pots are. Oooh, he was so excited. At the same time it’s harness and leash training. Oops, I think i have put the harness the wrong way on him !

2 thoughts on “Look ! I’m outdoors

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    They get so well along. Canelo was practically raised by our cats Quam and Quismo. so he was used to cats in the family. In a week Jacky got used to Canelo. Not hissing at him anymore. You can see them “kissing” nose to nose and also playing.


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