Twins ?

When our son saw Jacky his first comment was, he looks exactly like Misse. He is right. We also had noticed the same. It’s actually incredible how much Jacky looks like Misse. She was our very first cat. She also was gray and black with a little white. She stayed with us for a little more than 21 years. She was so beautiful and gentle. In 1970 most of our pictures were in black and white. I looked for one of her in colour but for the moment I couldn’t find any. So I converted the photo of Jacky into black and white.

Jacky Jacky

Misse, our very first cat


2 thoughts on “Twins ?

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      The face, back and tail are so much like Misse’s. Jacky has white paws, stomach and chest, Misse’s were gray. So far he is purring as loud as Misse did 😀 But, yes it will be fun to see when he grows up if there will be more similar behaviors.


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