Smoothie disaster !

I was making mango-banana-pineapple smoothie. I lifted the glass jug and the blade assembly came off. Smoothie all over. Also the blender was covered with smoothie. My husband came running when he heard me screaming.

I : oh crap ! aaarrrggghhh ! ! !

hubby : what ? ! Why didn’t you attach it properly ?

I : what do you mean why ! ?

hubby : thank God it was not me !

It took me a while to clean everything. I wonder is it still safe to use the blender. I’m afraid the motor housing is wet and may cause electrical short circuit.

Smoothie disaster IMG_1469CC

2 thoughts on “Smoothie disaster !

  1. saxsilverain

    😦 😦 oh no. i think after a few days maybe it’s okay to use again? because it would be dry already, even from the inside the motor housing? but were you able to clean the small gaps/holes within the machine? 😦 imagining how tiresome it must be to clean it all makes me feel so tired already, ugh…


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