Sis, her horse and dog

Yesterday we visited my sister at the farm where her horse is staying. It was raining all day on Thursday. Luckily it didn’t rain yesterday until later in the evening. It’s so nice to see her riding and to see what new tricks she has taught her horse. I must say he wowed us, specially, with the trick with his head between his front legs. Last summer there was one foal. Now there is two. I took a couple of picture but they all were bad because they all loved to stay as far away from us as possible. The one in the picture (heavily cropped) is the younger one. So very cute. I certainly could stay there watching him all the time. We ended the visit by going to the same place for coffee as we have every time we are there. It was so nice, thank you sis 🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “Sis, her horse and dog

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Neither did I know it was possible. He is such a kind, gentle, smart horse and to do the trick at 19 years old is not bad. The foals grow so fast. The other one, one month older, already is so much bigger. The dog is so friendly. He and Canelo are going along so well.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for the comment Laura. I like and admire horses. They are beautiful. I have never rode a horse even if we had a workhorse at home when I was little.


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