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Cabbage casserole and Nutella brownies

Cabbage casserole IMG_1619C

Yesterday I made a cabbage, rice, minced meat casserole. The cabbage is so delicious in the end of the summer. We already had finished eating when my husband mumbled he thought it was strange I didn’t take a picture of it before we ate. Geez ! The plan was to take one but I forgot. I guess that’s because I don’t have anything else on my mind these days than our kitten 😉 So the picture is after and only half of it left 😉

Nutella brownies IMG_1631C

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of Nutella brownies she had made plus the recipe. Only four ingredients ! They looked so nice and delicious. I bought a jar of nutella, mixed the ingredients together and baked them for about 20-25 minutes at 175C. Quick and simple. And my friend, I haven’t forgotten the chocolate chips. I will add some on top tomorrow when we are having them for the afternoon coffee.

3 dl Nutella, 1 ½ dl all purpose flour, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, 20-25 minutes in 175C oven

Sleeping :)

All kitties are cute when sleeping and of course so is Jacky also. The first two pictures are from yesterday afternoon nap. The second two are from the evening when I was watching a movie.
His head, back and tail are black/gray. The nose, chest, belly and paws are white. Paw pads, finger and toe pads are black except for two that are pink. First time a I saw the pads I said to hubby. Look, look they a black. I was surprised because I had assumed they be pink like Quam’s were.Jacky afternoon nap IMG_1606CJacky afternoon nap IMG_1608CJacky about to fall asleep IMG_1609CJacky sleeping IMG_1610C

Look ! I’m outdoors

our cat Jacky IMG_1569Cour cat Jacky IMG_1574CAfter a couple of days of checking the terrace by just walking on the wooden parts he yesterday was ready to step out in to the grass and to from there jump up to the table where the flower pots are. Oooh, he was so excited. At the same time it’s harness and leash training. Oops, I think i have put the harness the wrong way on him !


Coprinus micaceus Glistening ink cap mushroom IMG_1520CCoprinus micaceus Glistening ink cap mushroom IMG_1515C

You can see, feel and smell the arriving of the autumn in the woods. The smells of mushrooms, leaves that have fallen to the ground, moist soil. I think the above mushrooms are glistening ink cap mushrooms. They looked so pretty in the evening sun.

Hösten närmar sig. Det doftar svamp, löv som fallit till marken, fuktig jord. Kan svamparna jag fotade vara glitterbläcksvamp ? Tyckte dom var vackra i kvällssolen.

Twins ?

When our son saw Jacky his first comment was, he looks exactly like Misse. He is right. We also had noticed the same. It’s actually incredible how much Jacky looks like Misse. She was our very first cat. She also was gray and black with a little white. She stayed with us for a little more than 21 years. She was so beautiful and gentle. In 1970 most of our pictures were in black and white. I looked for one of her in colour but for the moment I couldn’t find any. So I converted the photo of Jacky into black and white.

Jacky Jacky

Misse, our very first cat


Jacky, first week

Jacky our catJacky our catJacky our cat He has now been with us for one week. We are mesmerized by him and everything he does. We, all the time, tell each other to look. Look how funny and cute he is when he is doing this and that. Yesterday we saw him sleeping in the warm spot of the sun on the carpet. I quietly sneaked close to take some photos. Of course he woke. Sorry Jacky.

Smoothie disaster !

I was making mango-banana-pineapple smoothie. I lifted the glass jug and the blade assembly came off. Smoothie all over. Also the blender was covered with smoothie. My husband came running when he heard me screaming.

I : oh crap ! aaarrrggghhh ! ! !

hubby : what ? ! Why didn’t you attach it properly ?

I : what do you mean why ! ?

hubby : thank God it was not me !

It took me a while to clean everything. I wonder is it still safe to use the blender. I’m afraid the motor housing is wet and may cause electrical short circuit.

Smoothie disaster IMG_1469CC