Lettuce Shark Caterpillar

Lettuce Shark Caterpillar
Or that’s what I think it is. I looked up for pictures to match my caterpillar and the lettuce shark one is closest to look like mine. If I’m right about that it is a lettuce shark then this colorful, beautiful thing is going to turn into a quite big, gray moth  
Lettuce Shark Caterpillar
I love caterpillars and wish I could see more of them unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often. Third time I have been able to spot this one. In 2005, 2015 and now 🙂
Lettuce Shark Caterpillar
This pictures is not a good one. I didn’t realize until at back home it was so blurry. I went back next morning hoping he’d still be there and I’d get a better shot but nope he was gone.

7 thoughts on “Lettuce Shark Caterpillar

  1. saxsilverain

    such gorgeous shots! i didn’t realize they were hard to find, when i was little there used to be at least one everyday at my late grandmum’s front yard (she had lots of flowers & other plants), the kind with furs/hairs were the most common ones.

    but guess what? i also just saw one a few weeks ago at our kesämökki, exactly the hairy one. 😀 i hope you get to see more, though i don’t wish for them to be in your own garden.

      1. saxsilverain

        yes, i think you would! she had a front yard AND a backyard, which was quite huge. she loved her flowers & plants and everyday she watered them herself. i think she loved them as much as she loved sewing. 🙂

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