Daily Archives: July 6, 2016


Snapshots from Saturday 2nd old fire trucks event.

Raseborg (Tammisaari/Ekenäs) bay viewThere were so many visitors in town because of the fire trucks event so it was almost impossible to find somewhere to park the camper. Looking for one we at some point got a bit lost and found ourselves up here. The view was beautiful but the street was so narrow I got scared we got trapped. It was impossible to turn back so we had to either make a sharp turn left or reverse. We chose the left turn and eventually found a place to park.Raseborg (Tammisaari/Ekenäs) BeachThe residents are lucky to have such a nice beach practically right in the center of the town. Piece of artPiece of artPiece of artWalking through the park to the exhibition I said look, someone came on a pink/purple bike to the miniature golf course.  But no, it’s a piece of art, I guess. I would have loved to put some flowers in the booths.JackdawsSnack, fried potatoes and sausagesI heard someone say the birds looking down from the branch are Jackdaw chicks. They sat there for a long time watching and chit chatting. I imagine the other one saying to the other. Look, fries, sausages, wheat buns. Yummy ! Sooner or later someone is going to drop something to the ground then we take it.Tree with mushroomTree with mushroomTree mushroom ! I think it looks more like a sea shell or coral. Interesting.