Quam ~ Favorite Pictures

To have to let Quismo go to kitty heaven was hard but that Quam too left us only six months later has been indescribable hard. Quam was such a kind, gentle cat. He loved everyone. I’m so thankful for the 13 wonderful years we had together. I miss him so much, I miss them both so much. Here, one more time, some of my favorite pictures of him.

Quam IMG_0142C_1Quam PICT0234CCQuam 4 foton CQuam 4 pics CQuam II

6 thoughts on “Quam ~ Favorite Pictures

  1. saxsilverain

    *snick* he really was such a cutie, and he looked so sweet in all the pics.

    the second picture(s) from the last, the ones when he was near your computer, were they taken when he was still small/young? he looked small and irresistibly cute, i wonder how you could concentrate on your computer with that kind of distraction. ❤

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Yes he was still very young in the pictures near my computer. He stayed there always when I was at the computer. I loved it ❤ It was nice distraction 🙂


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