Hanami – Sakura Festival

The IX Hanami Festival took place today in the Cherry Tree Park in Roihuvuori. We were there for the first time. The flowering is over but despite that the trees looked nice. I saw pictures online from last year’s festival when the trees were in full bloom. Beautiful ! Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI think the story about the remarkable loyal dog Hachiko is familiar to many of you. As I saw this adorable young women with her dog that looks just like the one who played Hachiko in the movie I spontaneously asked her if he is the same breed. She smiled and said no. He’s a mixed breed. She was kind and let me take these pictures of them.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriFood smelled good.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI find the Maneki-neko lucky charm figurines cute. Of course because they are cats. Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriBeautiful Ikebana flower arrangements.

4 thoughts on “Hanami – Sakura Festival

  1. saxsilverain

    hehe, i was there, too. 😀 but i came much later, because i didn’t want to be in the fully crowded park. i was a bit disappointed that the trees weren’t pink anymore, but there were lots of cute dogs, so it wasn’t such a waste, haha!

    very nice pics as always! the dog in the first 2 pics look more like shiba inu (but taller and slimmer). did the woman say what mix it is?

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Had it not been for the F1 race we probably had met 🙂 We were the there early, already at about 11:40 when most of the stands were still setting up. We left in good time to be at home for the F1 broadcast.
      It sure was a bit disappointing that the trees weren’t pink anymore. Let’s hope that they will be pink for the Hanami event next year.
      No, I actually didn’t ask her what mix. But, you are right. Looks very much like shiba inu. Also looks like an akita breed. Hachiko was an akita.
      See you next year there 😀


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