Big Hare !

Big hare not rabbit ! Thank you tarnegolita for correcting me.

Had he and Canelo been sitting side by side Canelo would have looked small 😀

7 thoughts on “Big Hare !

  1. saxsilverain

    wow, bigger than Canelo?! that’s really big for a hare! and look, it wasn’t even afraid of you taking pics of it. 😀

    ps. if you see wild hedgehogs again this year & manage to take pics of them, i would love to see them. 😉

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      He probably wasn’t sure whether to hop away or not 🙂 Eventually he took off. If I happen to see any wild hedgehogs I sure will try to shoot some pics or at least one. Hedgehogs we don’t see very often but hares, if not daily but at least every week.

      1. tarnegolita

        Oh yes it’s like that in Hebrew too! Very confusing! Anyway lovely pictures! It looks like you live in a beautiful place! X

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