Monthly Archives: May 2016

Hiding In The Vegetation

Canelo and I were walking the road down by the lake when I saw something in the corner of my eye to the right. A cat  ! Pretty well camouflaged or what. I slowly began to take the camera out of my pocket, opened the camera case, took out the camera and secured Canelo to my arm. I almost thought the cat would leave before I was ready to take some pictures. Lucky me. I was able to zoom closer and closer and even closer. Six pictures. Two were blurry. I stopped when I saw he stuck out his tongue to me 😀 I guess it was a clear message. Leave me alone you scare all the mice away. Cat IMG_1081CCat IMG_1075.JPGCCat IMG_1077CCat IMG_1079C

Sparrow and Squirrel

Spring and beginning of summer really are busy times for all the animals. The cute sparrow and squirrel really are working hard. There are several sparrows having their nests under the garage roof. We can hear there already are “babies”. When the parents bring them food they are loudly screaming for it. The squirrel I saw further down the road. He was actually waiting for a car to pass which made me nervously gasp for my breath. I was thinking don’t cross yet, don’t cross yet. Good he didn’t until the car passed. Also gave me the time to shoot the picture. I tried to take an other when he run over to the other side but he was too fast for me 🙂 Amazing how much they are able to carry in the beak and mouth.Sparrow Squirrel

Apple Blossom

My goodness ! I think the apple trees blossoms like never before. Even our tree (one and only) has millions of flowers. I try to not take too many pictures but soon realize I have like always way too many of them 🙂 The time they are in bloom is too short in my opinion. Now the petals already have began to fall off and soon the ground will look like it’s been snowing.

Quam ~ Favorite Pictures

To have to let Quismo go to kitty heaven was hard but that Quam too left us only six months later has been indescribable hard. Quam was such a kind, gentle cat. He loved everyone. I’m so thankful for the 13 wonderful years we had together. I miss him so much, I miss them both so much. Here, one more time, some of my favorite pictures of him.

Quam IMG_0142C_1Quam PICT0234CCQuam 4 foton CQuam 4 pics CQuam II

Hanami – Sakura Festival

The IX Hanami Festival took place today in the Cherry Tree Park in Roihuvuori. We were there for the first time. The flowering is over but despite that the trees looked nice. I saw pictures online from last year’s festival when the trees were in full bloom. Beautiful ! Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI think the story about the remarkable loyal dog Hachiko is familiar to many of you. As I saw this adorable young women with her dog that looks just like the one who played Hachiko in the movie I spontaneously asked her if he is the same breed. She smiled and said no. He’s a mixed breed. She was kind and let me take these pictures of them.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriFood smelled good.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI find the Maneki-neko lucky charm figurines cute. Of course because they are cats. Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriBeautiful Ikebana flower arrangements.