Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

At The Vet – Again

We were at the vet with Quam in February  because we thought there might be something wrong with his left upper fang because his lip looked swollen and he didn’t want to have any dry food at all. Also we noticed he had problem eating wet food. The vet told us the fang is healthy. Only it always has been in the wrong position which during the years has worsened. He suspected there might be an inflammation and gave us a prescription forantibiotics and pain killer. He said come back if he after some weeks still does not eat well. Yesterday we were back there.  After he took a x-ray he said there is a molar which never erupted  which is needs to be surgically removed. We left Quam there. They would call us when to pick him up. When back home Quam was so hungry. He looked at me and at the empty bowl. I had to explain that you cannot have anything until later. Despite the stitches he ate a lot later in the evening. So happy the bad tooth is away and all the teeth cleaned from tartar.