Anemone hepatica

Spring is such a nice and inspiring time. You see the very first spring flower(s) in bloom. Followed by the next and the next kind of flower. In the morning these were, as you can see, just about to bloom. In the afternoon they all had opened. They are so cute. The ones in the last picture I spotted in a different place. Anemone hepatica, kidneywort, blåsippa IMG_0850C Anemone hepatica, kidneywort, blåsippa IMG_0858CAnemone hepatica, kidneywort, blåsippa IMG_0854CC

4 thoughts on “Anemone hepatica

  1. saxsilverain

    so lovely! haven’t seen those around where i live, just the “regular” yellow and white ones (can’t remember the names, LOL).

    i must say, though i may never be able to grow any flower/plants at our home because of my fear of them, seeing them on your blog has given me a different perspective & i actually enjoy them more that way. 🙂 so i think it was a nice “accident” that we became blog friends, i hope you will continue posting about flowers & other plants!


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