Tussilago farfara

Tussilago farfara IMG_0828C

Beautiful weather. Plus 11 degrees Celsius. Sun is shining. My spring officially began today because I saw the first Tussilago. It was difficult to get a good picture because it was on the other side of the ditch. I just zoomed it in and hoped for a not too blurry picture. I couldn’t step over or jump the ditch because my back is still not okay from lifting Canelo in the beginning of March. Yay for the spring 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tussilago farfara

  1. saxsilverain

    yesterday and today was quite warm already, i’m also so happy about it! the yellow flower says it all, and you took a very nice picture of it.

    i’ve been meaning to ask how you are doing (and also Canelo), hope you are both well!

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for your nice comment and for asking how we are. We both are well.We are walking and he is happy to have his tennis ball back to play with:)

      I’m confused ! I deleted this replay to you three times. I couldn’t and can’t understand why it says Anonymous and not as always before aheikkinen😦

      1. saxsilverain

        no worries, WordPress did that to me too many times. :p at least when you commented on my blog post it was posted under your usual name. 🙂

        glad to hear you are both walking & Canello is already playing again! now you can really enjoy the spring!

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