Visiting Helsinki City Winter Garden

It’s always a pleasure visiting the winter garden. Specially at Christmas and Easter. The season flowers and decoration are so nice. It’s been a while since we were there last. Yesterday was the opening of the Easter exhibition and sale, of among other flowers. narcissus and daffodils. As my language lesson is on Tuesdays we decided to first visit the garden  (not far from Arbis, the adult education center) then I’d go to the class. Meanwhile hubby and Canelo would stroll the streets to enjoy the nice spring weather.

Cactus have always fascinated me. In the 80’s I had a few various cactus species. I’d heard they are very hard to get to flower. But ours did. Brother in law helped us move from one apartment to an other and cursed all the cactus as he got a lot of cactus thorns all over his arms and hands. Whenever he’s got a chance he reminds us about it. Sorrry 😉

Yesterday there were many visitors and most ones were shooting pictures of the Easter flowers. It was pretty hard to come close and in a good position for taking pictures so, I instead took pictures of these beautiful cactus.  I remember in mid. 70’s in Stockholm when I saw my very first Mother in Law’s Cushion (Echinocactus grusonii) I laughed. I thought the name was so funny. Still think it is 😀  They are pictures 2 and 3.

Cactuses IMG_0777C  Cactus IMG_0768C Cactuses IMG_0766C Cactuses IMG_0774C

Cactuses IMG_0771C

5 thoughts on “Visiting Helsinki City Winter Garden

  1. saxsilverain

    i had to laugh out loud seeing the name of that cactus on number 2 & 3! 😀 i’m glad my mum-in-law’s cushions aren’t spiky at all, LOL!

    beautiful pictures, btw! is that the garden near the Olympic stadium (or whatever it’s called)? i went there once when my mum was here, back in 2007. such a lovely place, almost as nice as Gardenia. 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      I know, the thought of the mothers in law on the cushions or vice versa the daughters in law make me always laugh 😀

      Yes, it’s the garden near the Olympic stadium. Btw, have you visited the botanical garden in Kaisaniemi. It’s larger than both the Winter Garden and than Gardenia was. I really like the place. The outdoor garden is so nice. I haven’t been for some years now as it was closed for a long time but is open again. Worth visiting as well.

      Happy Easter !

      1. saxsilverain

        oh, yes, i’ve heard about that Kaisaniemi garden so many times, but i haven’t had the time to visit it (and forgot about it many times as well!). thanks for refreshing my memory.
        and happy easter to you too–even though i just wrote you that same message on your other blog post, LOL! 😀

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