Canelo @ the Vet

Canelo IMG_0714C

On the mattress on the floor

Several months ago we noticed Canelo was scratching and often licking his belly. More than usually. Little by little we also noticed fur lost. There were some bald spots and later his belly was totally bald. First time we were at the vet I think it was in December and then again in February as it got worse. The vet took more blood tests and made an ultra scan. He now was able to tell us Canelo had a tumor. A testicular tumor that needed surgical castration soonest possible.

Yesterday we took Canelo to the Veterinary clinic in the morning and picked him up in the afternoon. At first, when back home, the plastic collar preventing scratching and licking made him bump into furniture and door frames. Also the snow made it hard to master the collar when he needed to go out to pee. But now he is doing well. He is on antibiotics and painkillers and for the time being no long walks, no jumping up on sofas and beds. We put chairs on sofas. We also have made special arrangement for sleeping. Him and me sleeping on the floor in the spare room. Last night neither of us got much sleep. But I’m sure next night will be a better one. I pray and believe everything is fine and so will be. In two weeks back to the vet for check up. I had planned to go by my self to walk the stairs, mentioned in my previous post. But, unfortunately I hurt myself trying to lift Canelo as he had problems with the stairs at the front door. Now it ‘s hard for me to sit and also to turn in the bed. We both need to take it easy now. After being so miserable yesterday (understandable) Canelo is feeling better today. He even was looking for his toys, specially the tennis ball. We hid them all till the doc says it’s OK for him to play again.

6 thoughts on “Canelo @ the Vet

  1. saxsilverain

    😦 hang in there, both Canelo and you! it does sound like you both need to take it easy for a while now, maybe just snuggle up comfortably under the blanket most of the time (though i guess it is too boring for Canelo?). i too believe everything will be okay again, you just need to be patient & stay positive. 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you saxsilverain. I hope the news from the pathologist will be good ones. Canelo is feeling good now. You are right 🙂 He is bored ! He can’t understand why he’s not allowed to hop up on the sofas or beds. He wants the tennis ball and is looking at me wagging his tale saying please, please, please. I so much would love to give him it but cannot until the wound is healed.

  2. Kipa

    My previous dog Pepe, (lagotto) you probably remember, had a problem with fur too. He had a totally blank area on his back. All sorts of tests were made but no result. After giving up on him I heard he had had some sort of tumor as well and had to be put down. Oih… Poor Canelo 😦 You know, after being forced to give up 3 dogs within past 4 years I know you are living hard times. Try to take it easy now, rest and get better -both of you 😉 Canelo is a good dog, I’m sure he’ll do well ❤

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you Kipa for commenting ❤ Yes, I remember Pepe very well. When we realised how bald Canelo's belly was I told my husband about Pepe, we thought that what ever it was, it migt be what Canelo suffered from now. Oh no, three pets in four years is hard. Every time is hard. The tumor was big and sent to a pathologist for examination. I pray the news will be good. But, for now Canelo is fine.


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