New House Plants

Last week I bought new Saintpaulias (pink) as the 6 year old Saintpaulias (blue) look miserable. I also bought 3 green plants. I’m not sure about the names in English as there were no name tags on them but after looking up on google I think they are Ferns and Spider Plant. In the last picture the curious house cat Quam 🙂Saintpaulias
Fern, ormbunke, saniainen
Spider plant, vattenlilja, rönsyliljaSaintpaulias, ferns, spider plant
Our Quam

5 thoughts on “New House Plants

  1. saxsilverain

    cute pink flowers! i’m sure they will cheer up your house. i believe the names of the green plants are correct in English, they are also quite common in my home country. 🙂

    PS. Quam is adorable as always!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you saxsilverain. I’m happy with the new plants. Cheer me up 🙂 Quam seem to like them too. But, they are so he can’t get them 😉


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