Monthly Archives: February 2016

New House Plants

Last week I bought new Saintpaulias (pink) as the 6 year old Saintpaulias (blue) look miserable. I also bought 3 green plants. I’m not sure about the names in English as there were no name tags on them but after looking up on google I think they are Ferns and Spider Plant. In the last picture the curious house cat Quam 🙂Saintpaulias
Fern, ormbunke, saniainen
Spider plant, vattenlilja, rönsyliljaSaintpaulias, ferns, spider plant
Our Quam

New Stairs

Fantastic ! New stairs only about 200 meters away from our place. There are 71 steps. At Malminkartano, the artificial hill, there are 426 steps. I, some years ago, went there several times a week and climbed the steps. Sometimes twice. So, if I want to do as many steps as at Malminkartano I need to do the steps 3 times or 6 times. Depends on how I count both ups and downs or only ups. Both yesterday and today I did them twice. I’m definitely going to climb them/walk them every day. And who knows, maybe I, in the spring, when no more snow and not slippery am going to do the six times 🙂

New Stairs New Stairs

‘The Oak Tree’

Oak tree

After a long period of gray, drizzle, rainy days, almost all the snow all gone, it was snowing on Saturday. It snowed all night and also morning. And finally sunshine ! Oh such a beautiful day ! Even if it was only for about 4-5 hours. I felt like woken from winter blahs/winter coma. Couldn’t resist shooting one more picture of the oak tree which to me always looks as great and majestic. My favorite tree around here 🙂 the oak in early spring 2015

Swiss Roll

Swiss roll, kääretorttu, rulltårta

Yesterday, on Valentine’s day, I decided to not make/bake anything containing tons of fat like the shrove buns or Runeberg tartes. I made a quick and simple Swiss roll for the afternoon coffee. Still had some (not much but enough) marzipan and raspberry jam left in the fridge after the shrove buns I made for the Shrove Tuesday last week. Perfect filling and not too fattening.