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Oh Dear, Oh Deer

White-taileed Deer IMG_0528C

Look, look, stop, stop there are white-tailed deer I said. We were driving home from the supermarket when I saw them. My husband was very skeptical and told me the picture is not going to be good as they are so far away. And so was I but of course I had take a picture anyway. The picture is what it is but I’m happy one can see they are deer. Very cute ones. Poor creatures how is it possible they can manage on their own now when it’s so cold. In the morning it was minus 27 degrees Celsius. I wish there would be a shed for them with plenty of nice straw to sleep on.


Winter has arrived to the south of Finland. Brrr, minus 21 degrees Celsius in the morning. Still 19 at about 2:30 pm. Canelo is wearing socks to prevent ice between toes and fingers. A winter sun plus some kind of solar phenomenon. There was one also on the left side of the sun but I was not able to get any good picture because of many trees.
Winter solar phenomenon IMG_0512 Winter solar phenomenon IMG_0505C

Canelo wearing socks IMG_0513C

“Meiän sohvanvaltaajat”

We have two sofas and they are exactly identical. For some reason everyone loves this one. I love to watch TV from this one. Sitting or laying down on the other one gives me a bad, stiff, hurting neck as I have to turn my head in the same direction for hours. But guess what, yup right, I sit on the other one. Well, I don’t have the heart to tell my cutie patooties to jump down. I’m so happy and lucky to have them. Not long ago there were three of them.
Canelo and Quam IMG_0475C

Jigsaw Puzzles

I hope you all had a great New Year’s celebrating yesterday. This is how I spent my new year’s eve. In the beginning of the evening I was watching TV. Among other I watched the fireworks in Hong Kong at Victoria Harbour live on BBC. Even if I’m not a big fan of fireworks I must say it was spectacular. BBC showed it for, I think, 6-7 minutes. I just googled more about the fire works and it says it last for about 25-30 minutes. My dog would have hated it. He even hates the few fireworks seen and heard around here where we live.

Anyway, when I got tired of watching TV I decided to do some jigsaw puzzles online. I got inspired by reading a blog friend’s posting about her and her family doing a 1000 pieces puzzle, not a online one.

Wednesday night I puzzled online for the first time. Wow, how many beautiful pictures there are and different categories to choose from. Also you can choose what style you want, a classic, elegent plus many more.I happened to find a puzzle with the O’Connell street, Dublin view. As I have visited Dublin (in 1995) and been walking the street it was clear that I’d choose it. You can choose how many cuts you want so for the O’Connell I chose 150 pieces. Yesterday I was looking for more familiar views and found this one. The Old Town Square in Prague. I think I was there in either in 1999 or 2000. This time I chose a cut for 200 pieces. My husband thinks it’s a waste of time. Maybe my he is afraid I will get addicted ! Well, I find it relaxing and listen to music at the same time. I already looked for more street views from other countries I have visited I want to do. Maybe for my next one I will choose to have one in 300 cuts !

Old Town Square in Prague jigsaw puzzle IMG_0461CC

Just one more bit . . .

Old Town Square in Prague IMG_0462C