Daily Archives: December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Quam IMG_0419CCQuam IMG_0444CQuam IMG_0445B
Quam with his two Christmas presents. While I took the pictures he kept pushing the carrot off the climbing tower. Good work out for me to pick them up. Canelo also received two toys. Stuffed ones. He was so happy and so excited. After about twenty minutes he had them ripped up and all the white stuff all over the floor.  Short but intense happiness 😀

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. We had an enjoyable, peaceful one. It would have been nice with a white Christmas but down here, in the south of Finland, where we live there is now snow. Good thing is after the rainy days it’s not been raining during Christmas days. The evenings have been beautiful with clear dark blue starry skies with bright moonlight. Yesterday it was a full moon. I read in the paper in the morning it’s 40 years since there was a full moon on Christmas Day last.

The winter solstice was on Tuesday December 22nd which means it was the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Yay ! The days will, little by little in the beginning, get longer. Love it !