6 thoughts on “Paper Decorations

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hei there saxsilverain. The diameter about 20 cm in diameter. Can you believe I have made even a few more just because it’s so much fun 😀 It’s relaxing and I don’t think I have made anything like this in sooo many years.

      1. saxsilverain

        i can imagine the addictive feeling of making them! 😀 then if you have even more free time, you can spray some gold/silver paint on them, ooooh! wouldn’t that be lovely? next year you can start selling them in some joulumarkkinat. 😉

      2. aheikkinen Post author

        Yes, you are right about the addictive thing 😀 An other thing is I feel young, almost a child again when making them 😀 Spraying them in gold and silver is a good idea. I should try it. Give them the bling factor 😀

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you Laura 🙂 Such a good idea on what to call them. Snowflakes in the winter and then make them in many different colors and they look like summer flowers


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