New Plants & Beautiful Candle

On Thursday our friends visited us. They brought us plants. The plants are from their own garden. Two day lily plants and one phlox plant. The other lily plant has buds. I hope it will flower still this summer and that all tree plants will feel at home in their new flower bed here with us 🙂
Phlox and day lily plants two new day lily plants

The new lily plants in the front row. Note the black arrows !

one new phlox plantThe new phlox plant to the right.

They also gave us this beautiful rose candle in white and lime in a footed glass bowl with the decoration sand also in lime. I love it ❤ I saw online they call it a peony but I think it looks more like a rose. Peony or rose, it doesn’t matter because it’s absolutely delightful. At first sight my husband thought it was edible. It sure looks delicious and yummy.  Thank you dear friends thank you 🙂

candle P8021462CC candle

Doesn’t it look like a cake ?

2 thoughts on “New Plants & Beautiful Candle

  1. saxsilverain

    the candle does look yummy, haha! is it scented? i don’t think i would ever have the heart to light it up, since it looks so pretty. 😀

    thumbs up for the new lily flowers to bloom. maybe they will get the “good luck” from your other blooming lilies!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you. Will put up pictures when first flower of new lily in bloom. No, the candle is not scented. When I saw it my first thought too was not to light it up because it’s too pretty. But after all, I twill when the evenings, in about two months, get dark light it up and just sit there staring and enjoying 🙂


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