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Orange Daylily

Orange Day Lily Orange Day Lily Orange Day LilyThe orange daylily is the last one to bloom. Only one stem with about 5 more buds. Since the beginning of the summer I have seen no snails among the lilies but yesterday I saw one on this flower. You can see the petal has some damage to it. Under the petal to the right you can see, if you look close, a small snail. Ufff ! I really thought I had managed to get rid of them .

Two Tuberous Begonias

I’m so happy these two wonderful begonias have been with me already for many years and hope that they still will for many more years to come.
Unfortunately I don’t remember the names of them. The one with the double flowers is one I bought myself. The other one my husband’s cousin gave me. I surfed the web to see if I could figure out their names. The double one I couldn’t find but the other one I think is a Begonia Bertinii. It’s a bit embarrassing but I have to ask my husband’s cousin one more time for the name and then write it down and put it somewhere safe.
Tuber Begonia Tuber Begonia

Kimi @ Karting Event in Helsinki

The event was organized by Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Santander. I’m a huge, both F1 and Kimi, fan. Of course I had to go there yesterday. I saw Kimi drive rally car at an event in Helsinki in July 2011. That time I didn’t get close enough to take pictures. Now I was lucky to stand in front of the interview/trophy distribution platform right outside the crush barrier. Still it was not easy to take pictures as there were so many professional photographers allowed inside the barrier. I’m glad we went there. It really was a nice event on a glorious, warm, sunny day.

Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9964CKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9962CKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9978CKimi and commentator/interviewer Oskari SaariKimi and commentator/interviewer Oskari SaariKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015

Passion flower ~ Passiflora incarnata

Last week I was at the nearby garden center to buy some lily plants to give our friends because we were there on an overnight visit. On the way to the cashier desk to pay I walked by plants with these incredibly and gorgeous flowers. A flower I saw for the first time in Amsterdam in June 2007. Yes, I immediately decided to buy my friend one and to as soon as possible go back and buy myself one. So yesterday I bought one. Back at home I couldn’t make up my mind whether to keep it in the pot or perhaps plant it in a larger pot to be able to move it indoors for the winter or to plant it into the flower bed and let it stay there for the winter. Then my neighbor said she knows about someone who have their plant outdoors all year around. OK, good, flowerbed it is. I planted it there yesterday. In the morning I began to reconsider was it the right decision or not. Good it’s still warm for some weeks and can make the final decision later. Either way, indoors or outdoors if it does not survive the winter I’ll buy a new one next year.

I searched for information on the plant online. I found out there are many, many different shades and shapes flowers of Passion Flower. All incredible beautiful. Also there are fruits in different colors. On the ‘The Garden Helper’ site I read the to me astonishing thing:

The Passion Flower is a common roadside weed, found throughout many areas of the Southeastern United States where it often grows in large masses in ditches and open fields.

I never thought it a wildflower always thought it’s cultivated. Of course, it maybe both or what ?

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flowerI don’t know which is right. Passionflower or Passion flower as I saw both used online so I tagged both.

The New Daylily

In the morning, Saturday 15th, it was thrilling to see the first of the two buds on the plant my friend gave me a couple of weeks ago opened. The plant is about 35 cm tall and the flower about 5 cm wide. I was not sure would it have the strength to bloom this year. Such beautiful color ! I googled for pictures of yellow daylilies on the web and found many that look like mine but with stronger yellow and red color. I think the lighter color of mine is because the plant is so young.  According to the pictures my baby plant is a Hemerocallis ‘Fooled Me’. I can’t wait to see it fully grown to about 50-60 cm tall and 12 cm wide flowers.

Yellow/red daylily Hemerocallis

Visiting Friends @ Summer Cottage

We were visiting our friends Thursday-Friday at their summer cottage. Good food, sauna bath, great company with a lot of talking and laughing. The day was sunny and warm but the evening a bit cold and windy, so none of us swam in the lake after the sauna bath.

When my friend and I looked at the flowers my friend spotted a beautiful colorful caterpillar. I have had photos of really beautiful caterpillars which I have had the pleasure to spot but unfortunately only once so far. It’s sad I can’t find the photos anymore 😦

For the last week and days there has been a lot about the Perseid meteor showers both in the papers and on the news. The best time to spot them would have been in the morning at about 2 am on August 12. Unfortunately it was a cloudy night. Now the night would be clear and we thought that we, with a bit of luck, would be able to still spot some. As we didn’t want to get up at 2 am  we went to lay on down folding sun chairs on the terrace covered with warm blankets at about 11 pm. Our husbands didn’t join us ! ? They probably didn’t believe we would see any. Such a beautiful midnight blue starry sky. Then we saw ONE ! We both were screaming look, look.  We stayed there for about 45 minutes and saw about 10-12. But afterwards I read more about them on EarthSky and on other sites as well and learned some or many may have been satellites moving with great speed. Well, next August there is again a chance to experience the Perseid meteor showers.

Yesterday morning, just before we were about to leave my friend said let’s pick some blueberries for you to take home. She’s a quick picker. Of the almost one liter I think she picked 7,5 dl and I about 1,5 dl. The smoothie we had this morning was so delicious with the fresh blueberries.
Flowers, phlox, lilies

Lilies, Phlox and Clematis


Look at the feet and the “hands”. Very interesting.

pine tree, twilight

At about 10:10 pm waiting for the dark.


Almost 1 liter

Insect on the Dahlia

In the morning I was in the back yard cutting off dahlia flowers already bloomed. I saw this insect which at first, to me, didn’t look interesting at all. Then he flew to the next flower and I could see his colors. Red, yellow, light green, gray and black. I went back in to pick the camera. I think this insect doesn’t do any harm to the plant on the contrary, he is doing the pollination and sucking honey.

Insect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahlia

Daylily Catherine Woodbury

Two more photos of the pink lily or as I saw online some call them orchid-lavender or peach pink. I’m so much looking forward to the orange ones to also bloom soon and to perhaps be able to take some photos of all three or actually all four different color daylilies in one picture. The fourth one is the one my friend brought me two  weeks ago. My friend has daylilies in several different colors and was not sure about which she brought me. We’ll have to wait and see. Daylily Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery'
Daylily Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery'

Daylily Hemerocallis ‘Catherine Woodbury’

The Catherine Woodbury is in bloom. The first flower opened yesterday. Two stems, the other one with a total of 15 buds the other 10 buds. When I look up for pictures and information on this flower there are about 50/50 many hits for both Catherine Woodbury and Woodbery. Hmm, which is the correct one. The two first pictures I took at about 8 am and the last one at about 5 pm.

Daylily Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery' Daylily Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery'

Daylily Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery' IMG_5044C