Summer’s First Lily

How I have waited for the first lilies of the summer to bloom. Finally, yesterday the red Asian Lily (Lilium Asiatic ‘Matrix’) opened. I’m so happy there has been less snails, lily bugs and stink bugs this year. Last year the insects and snails made so much damage. They ate both leaves and buds. This year I had to do something about it. I bought Ferramol slug pellets. Much less snails/slugs in my flower bed now. I still find some but take them away immediately. I guess I can’t fight them all (snails) as there are trillions in the surroundings. I also bought Bayer Garden Calypso spray for insects. I think it worked for the bugs. But, still I can see some damage on the leaves and disappeared buds. Yesterday I found out there are ants ! They love the buds ! Ufff ! I guess I need to spray no matter how much I hate to do it !

Lilium Asiatic 'Matrix'

Lilium Asiatic 'Matrix' Lilium Asiatic 'Matrix' Lilium Asiatic 'Matrix'

4 thoughts on “Summer’s First Lily

  1. saxsilverain

    all your work is well worth it. it’s so beautiful & perfect looking! hope the rest of the flowers will follow soon! (now that i think of it, is it actually good for you that it’s been raining this summer, so there is less insects & snails as well? or is it the other way around?)

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you so much saxsilverain 🙂 I think there is a bit less mosquitoes now when not so warm but I can’t see any difference when it comes to the snails. I think they love it, hot or cold, as long as there’s food 😀


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