Ring Rail Line

The Ring Rail Line opened on July 1st. Now you can go by train from Helsinki Central railway station to the airport. We, of course, because of curiosity took the “ring” trip yesterday. There are “P” and “I” trains, the other goes clockwise the other counterclockwise, both every 10 minutes during daytime.

Through the window we saw dark clouds ahead in the distance. When we arrived at the central station and stepped off the first rain drops dropped. We made it to the glass-covered part. Then the water poured down ! Luckily it didn’t last for more than ten minutes. Good for us. Now we could enter the train for the return trip without getting wet.

Ring Rail Line Helsinki Ring Rail Line IMG_9796C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9801C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9804C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9805C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9806C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9829C

6 thoughts on “Ring Rail Line

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      It was nice 🙂 We took the P-train from Myyrmäki and went all the way to Helsinki Central Station. Then the I-train back the same way and stepped off in Myyrmäki. It’s worth the money, at least to do it once, just for fun 😀

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you Laura. I also like trains. I used to go to school by train in the beginning of the 60s. The trains then were driven by steam locomotives but were soon replaced b y new modern “railbuses”.


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