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Oak Tree

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Oak Tree E IMG_8904C
Oak Tree E IMG_9307C
Oak Tree E IMG_9290C
Oak Tree E IMG_9312C
Oak Tree E IMG_9314CC

Here in our neighborhood are many oak trees. This one is only a short walk away from where we live. In the winter when there are no leaves on the trees we can see the top of the oak from our backyard. When the snow has melted and the path in the woods no longer is slippery we often walk the path down to the lake. I always stop to look at the tree. It’s so impressive, it’s huge, it fascinates me. I’d love to know the age of it it. It must have fascinated many generations here already for hundreds of years. Maybe there have been inhabitants here already when the tree was a tiny one. We have some books about the region and it says the first times our village is mentioned goes as far back as to the 1500 century. Back then here was large farms and also limestone mines. One can still see the remains of the entrances of a couple of the mines. Another reason is the King’s Road from Sweden to Russia went past here. Or maybe that is the main reason.

I looked for oak tree images on Google. There are many awesome pictures of huge oaks. I read some may be a thousand years old, even older. That I remember from the biology lessons at school. Biology was one of my favorite subjects in school as well as geography and zoology.