Canelo 9 Years

Canelo turned 9 yesterday. One more time: Happy Birthday Dear Canelo ! Love you !
Canelo IMG_9122C

Throw the ball ! Please, throw  ! THROW IT !

Canelo IMG_9120C

Wait a second, I need to shake.

Canelo IMG_9123C

Okay, throw it again !

IMG_5557 Canelo Canelo

 Above two pictures are from our first visit at the breeder’s in June 2006.

Canelo IMG_5821 Canelo

Enjoying the beautiful summer days in our back yard.

4 thoughts on “Canelo 9 Years

  1. saxsilverain

    the puppy picture of Canelo made me squeal out loud… he’s so incredibly cute! i’ve been seeing the same breed dogs around my neighbourhood and it always made me see the owner in case it was you. (not yet, so far.) 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, he was sooo cute. There was a lots of aaahs and ooohs when we were out walking. But he still to me is the most cutest and most adorable little dog 🙂 Who knows, maybe you some day will see us. It would be cool. I have been thinking. What if I saw you in a shopping center or street wearing some of your nice dresses would I say hi or not. I’m not sure. I’m actually pretty shy like many Finns are.

      1. saxsilverain

        please do say hi! 😀 or if you’re too shy but Canelo is with you, tell him to greet me instead. 😉 at least i promise you that if i see you first (with Canelo, because otherwise i probably won’t recognize you!), i would definitely say hi. 🙂

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