Marimekko T-shirts

I tend to wear my T-shirts till they are totally worn out. I literally mean that. It now was time for new ones. So once I was in Herttoniemi on Monday (where the Cherry tree park is) I popped in to the Marimekko Factory Outlet to buy a T-shirt. I bought two. Of course the same model I already have used for years in different color combinations. It’s an “Ilma”. A classic striped t-shirt with a boatneck and three quarter-length sleeves. The other one in dark green and black stripes and the other one in the classic red and white stripes. I’d loved to have the other in blue and white but unfortunately there were no available in my size . Nice, they were 30% off. My husband thinks I’m weird. He wondered why always buy the same Ilma shirt. Well, it’s because they are comfy, good quality and I’m so used to them.

Marimekko T-shirt IMG_9106C Marimekko T-shirt IMG_9107C

5 thoughts on “Marimekko T-shirts

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    lol, yes, Marimekko tehtaanmyymälä is an other good reason 🙂 Even if you have no intention to buy anything it’s nice to just look around. But, guess what ! I have never left without buying something 😀

  2. saxsilverain

    ah, another reason to go to Herttoniemi: Marimekko tehtäänmyymälä! those t-shirts are never out of style & always look good. it’s also a great way to support the Finnish work. 😉


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