The Classic Motorshow & Bus Burger Diner

The Classic Motorshow 2015 was held in Lahti last weekend. We decided to go there and at the same time open our “caravan” season. We had no plan to stay the night. The camping sites are still closed and will open on 1st of June. But as my husband had washed and cleaned the camper he wanted us to make a first tour for this year. The motor show was the 7th held there. We don’t go there every year. Actually been there only once before for the Classic Motorshow. We have seen many of the cars at different occasions but once in a while it’s nice to go to an event where there are many exhibitors, many visitors and of course many beautiful, shiny cars and of course also for the atmosphere you know. Below a few random shots.

Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti IMG_8954 C Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti IMG_8955 C Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti IMG_8957 C Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti img_8960 cc Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti img_8970 cc Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti IMG_8986 C Classic Motorshow 2015 Lahti IMG_8989 C

In the beginning of the 80’s we had a car like this. 

Leif told me and showed me an article in a magazine some time ago. We decided to next time we are heading towards Lahti go to this Bus Burger Diner place which opened last summer. It’s a short drive, only about 7-8 km, away from Lahti. After strolling around a couple of hours at Lahti Fair Center we thought it was time for a burger meal. Wow, the place really is very popular or maybe it was because many visiting the Motorshow had, like we, decided to check the place out. We managed to find two free seats. I say, those meals were delicious. It was a nice day despite the heavy rain on the way back home.

Bus Burger Diner IMG_9005C Bus Burger Diner IMG_9006C Bus Burger Diner IMG_9007C Bus Burger Diner School Bus Burger Diner C

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