Spring :)

For the last four to five days we have had so lovely spring weather. Yesterday plus 11 degrees Celsius. Sunshine all days long. I’m so happy as from now on for about 6, almost seven months no snow and no slippery roads. I saw snowdrops, plenty snowdrops (Galanthus) in a garden. I so much wanted to go there and take some pictures, some close ups. But I couldn’t make myself do it even if I know the old couple don’t live there anymore. I leaned against the fence in order to keep the camera steady to zoom in the flowers. Oops ! I almost broke the old wooden fence. I got the picture. Not a good one but you can recognize the snowdrops.
Snowdrops img_8670cc

Sunset IMG_8657C Sunset IMG_8659C

The sunset pictures are from Saturday at about 6 p.m. On the 29th we are going to change to summer time = daylight saving time . I like it. I know most people don’t. By the way, I’m still working on Canelo’s spring coat. It takes time because instead of using a clipper I use scissors. He looks a bit funny now as all four legs and the chest are already done.

Have a nice spring !

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