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Black Grouse

In the beginning of the week my husband came home from his morning walk with Canelo. He said, can you believe I saw a black grouse ! I said, can you believe I don’t ! And you are not allowed to fool me as it’s not April first yet. I’m not trying to fool you, he said, I really saw one. Finally I understood it was true. Oh was I disappointed and sad ! I blamed him for not calling me. I so much had wanted to both see the bird and to take some pictures because I have never seen one, not in my childhood home on the country side or here in all the 38 years that we have been in this neighborhood.

Today on the way back home from the supermarket, just on the plot next to us, I saw the bird. I shouted, there it is, there it is, STOP THE CAR ! Both my husband and son looked a bit afraid. They had no idea why a was screaming but my husband stopped the car. I opened the door, hopped out, whispering through the teeth in order to not frighten the bird, it’s the bird. WOW ! My hands were shaking of excitement and the first pictures were just blurry. As soon as I realized the bird was not going to fly away I calmed down and was able to shoot a couple of sharp enough pictures before the bird disappeared under the branches of a spruce. A man, who also stopped to photograph said it was a small one. He said they usually are much bigger. Big or small I’m happy I had the luck to take the pictures.

Black Grouse IMG_8781C Black Grouse IMG_8782C Black Grouse IMG_8787C Black Grouse IMG_4815C Black Grouse IMG_4818C

Sunsets Over Lake “Pitkäjärvi”

After about a week of sunny spring days with day temperatures of about ten to eleven degrees Celsius the temperature dropped. For the last few days it’s been just above/under zero degrees. I feel sorry for the spring flowers waking up too early. For the time being there’s not very much inspiring me to photograph more than the beautiful sunsets over the lake “Pitkäjärvi”. I just can’t resist any of them. I have plenty of pictures of sunsets over the lake from the last 14 years of photographing with digital cameras. Very often when I show my husband the newest pictures he gives the pictures a quick look and says; I think I have seen these before. I say no, no, you have not ! These are pictures I took about 30 minutes ago. Okay, he says, I can’t tell any difference, they all look the same. Well, to me, they all are different 🙂

sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8719C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8741C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8760C

Cleaning Roads & First Anemone Hepatica

There has been a lot of winter sand dust on the roads. For the last few days it really has been hard. Every time a bus or a car passed it made a huge cloud of dust blowing up. Which have caused me to shut my mouth and eyes and keep my breath for as long as possible. Good thing is they are now cleaning the roads. The cleaning helps a lot but to really get rid of the dust a downpour cleans the best.

Road Cleaning Machine IMG_8683C Road Cleaning Machine IMG_8686C Road Cleaning Machine IMG_8688C

Last night we were able to see the Northern Lights also here in the south of Finland. It was very nice. Can you believe I didn’t have my camera with me ! There’s been so many fantastic pictures in the news papers from last night’s spectacular light show.

In my opinion it’s officially spring now as I saw the first Anemone hepatica. Of course it was on the other side of a ditch with water. I didn’t want to even try to hop over so the picture is what it is.

Anemone hepatica IMG_8704CC

Spring :)

For the last four to five days we have had so lovely spring weather. Yesterday plus 11 degrees Celsius. Sunshine all days long. I’m so happy as from now on for about 6, almost seven months no snow and no slippery roads. I saw snowdrops, plenty snowdrops (Galanthus) in a garden. I so much wanted to go there and take some pictures, some close ups. But I couldn’t make myself do it even if I know the old couple don’t live there anymore. I leaned against the fence in order to keep the camera steady to zoom in the flowers. Oops ! I almost broke the old wooden fence. I got the picture. Not a good one but you can recognize the snowdrops.
Snowdrops img_8670cc

Sunset IMG_8657C Sunset IMG_8659C

The sunset pictures are from Saturday at about 6 p.m. On the 29th we are going to change to summer time = daylight saving time . I like it. I know most people don’t. By the way, I’m still working on Canelo’s spring coat. It takes time because instead of using a clipper I use scissors. He looks a bit funny now as all four legs and the chest are already done.

Have a nice spring !

Winter Coat

Canlo, our Spanish Waterdog IMG_8642c Canlo, our Spanish Waterdog IMG_8643C
– Mommy ! It’s warm already. Plus 9 degrees Celsius. I need to change my winter coat to my spring coat.
– Okay Canelo, yes, I know your coat is warm. Let me begin trimming tomorrow.

Wonderful! It’s definitely spring in the air. Almost all the snow has melted. After about three weeks of gray and gloomy days the sun is shining today. What really makes me happy is that there are already many more hours of daylight. Yay !