Horses and Helicopter

After many gray cloudy days there’s been sunshine both yesterday and today. It’s lovely. One can already feel the spring. I don’t like to photograph when gray and dark so I was happy about the sun and bright daylight and hoped for something to shoot. We have been visiting our son, who has been in the hospital for some days. Good thing is he is going to get to come home tomorrow.

Yesterday on the way to visit him my husband suddenly said, by the way, we have not seen any horses in a long time. Guess what, on the way back home we saw three. I love horses. They are so beautiful. I said I want to take a picture or two so we stopped.
horses IMG_8574C horses IMG_8578C horse IMG_8575C

Today on the hospital parking I heard a noise. I said what on earth is that. Sounds like thunder to me. My husband immediately recognized it and said it’s a helicopter. He was right. It was a helicopter landing on the roof of the hospital. As you can see the sky is blue and not a cloud in sight.
helicopter IMG_8581C helicopter IMG_8582C helicopter IMG_8583C

4 thoughts on “Horses and Helicopter

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hello ! Welcome 🙂 I visited your blog which is very nice. I will become a follower and am looking forward to read your posts. Regards from Finland 🙂

  1. saxsilverain

    sorry to hear about your son having to stay at the hospital, but glad to hear he’s going out tomorrow. 🙂 hope you are all well also.

    very cute & beautiful horses. i sometimes see some horses from afar on my way to/from work, it’s also always something i wait & hope for.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment. We are doing well and our son is doing much better now.
      I always have liked horses but I have never been riding a horse ! I remember one of my friends, when we were about 10-12 years, she loved riding and was always talking about it. I never was interested in it. But horses are great 🙂


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