Strong Wind

At about noon I was out walking Canelo. It really was blowing a hard wind down by the lake. It happens but, not very often. Back home I checked the weather for today from the Finnish Meteorogical Insitute.

They warn for both sea and land areas in the south of Finland. Wave hight exceeds 2,5 meters in the Baltic Sea. Land areas, strong gusts of 20 ms.

I’m so happy I’m not on a ferry to Tallinn or Stockholm. I just don’t like being on a vessel when storm.

In December 2012 we were on a mini cruise to Tallinn. The pensioner club is arranging one also this year. I have to very soon decide whether I’m going or not. I think I will do as I did last time. I payed for the trip but would have stayed at home in case the weather had been bad. Thumbs up for no storms in the beginning of December.

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