Get well Soonest Quismo

Poor thing, he has problem urinating. Before we realized what was wrong he urinated twice on the chair cushion, the sofa, in both his and Quam’s bed. Ufff, that was a lot to wash. Luckily we soon understood it was his way to tell us he was not feeling well and that it hurt to urinate. At the veterinary clinic they took blood tests and made ultrasound examination. There were no stones but the vet said he could see some crystals.

Now he is on Loxicom 0,5 mg/ml for 5-7 days and Therios 75 mg for 10 days. The medication makes him vomit. Uhhh, he vomits a lot. Always on a rug. Why do cats always vomit on rugs ? I have now washed two rags. Here’s Quismo inspecting the result of the other one. I think he approved it.

Dear Quismo, get well soonest ! ❤
Quismo IMG_7389C

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