Yesterday we took a trip along the harbors and shores of Helsinki. Even though it was cloudy it was warm. We like to watch the boats. There were many. Sailing boats, cruise ships, tourist bus boats, all types of boats.
Sailing boats p8090184cc Rubber speed boat OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sailing ship p8090196cc
Cruise ship IMG_7292C
I happened to look at the right moment and shouted to my husband look, look. He was wowed and wondered what on earth is that. I was proud to be able to inform him that it is a flyboard. He wondered how is it that I know what it is. I told him about the blog of an awesome young woman, Lesley, which I follow. Three weeks ago I didn’t even know there existed such a thing as flyboard until I read and saw pictures of it on her blog. She loves to experience EVERYTHING. I warmly recommend her blog to anyone who like to read about all kind of adventures.
Flyboarding p8090180c
My first picture I took from a far distance. I zoomed in full zoom. I was almost sure that the picture would be totally blurry. I was lucky. The picture is pretty okay despite the distance. We drove closer. Now I could shoot more.
Flyboating IMG_7305C

Flyboating IMG_7307C

Flyboating IMG_7308C

Flyboating IMG_7319C

Flyboating img_7324cc


What a disappointment when the camera battery soon showed empty. Why oh why didn’t I charge the battery in the morning. At least I got some pictures of the young woman who quickly figured it out, after a few splashes into the water, how to balance and stay above the water. She did very well but did not get as high up above the water as Lesley in her pictures. Myself, would I try it, no I don’t think so. Not at this age neither am I sure I would have even if still in my twenties or thirties. I’m sure it’s just as much fun as it looks like.

2 thoughts on “Flyboarding

  1. saxsilverain

    wow, the flyboard looks so cool! reminds me of Back to the Future’s Hoverboard. 😀 (i also wouldn’t dare to try it… because i can’t swim! LOL.)

    PS. this is out of topic, but i just thought i’d let you know: i finally saw a wild hedgehog last night near our place! 😀 i was so excited & wanted to tell someone, then i remembered that i just wrote to you that i wished i could see one! now i did!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hey, that’s so cool you saw a hedgehog. They are so cute. You should see babies 🙂
      The flyboarding was at Eiranranta beach. Maybe they are there every weekend.


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