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Carnation With The Scent Of Clove ~ Dianthus Caryophyllus

I bought two carnation plants in the middle of May. This pink, purple and a bit of white one in the pictures and an other one in pink. In May the nights are still too cold for young plants to stay outdoors so I took them indoors every night for a couple of weeks. Already the first night my husband said there’s a scent here that has not been here before. What is it ? It took us a while to figure out it was the small carnation plant with just a few flowers at the time. It was a nice, familiar scent. Then my husband said, now I know it’s the scent of some spice, in fact it’s the scent of clove. Yes, he was right. I knew I had some ground clove in one of the kitchen cabinets. Just to verify it really was the same scent I took the packaged down from the shelf to smell it. Yes, definitely, the ground clove was the same scent but stronger even if it turned out the date of expiry expired long ago.  I like the scent of the flowers. It has become a habit to me to every morning and evening go out on the terrace to smell the flowers. The package of ground cloves I threw away.
Carnation Nejlika Neilikka img_7190cc

Carnation Nejlika Neilikka IMG_4662C

Carnation Nejlika Neilikka IMG_4634C

Ground cloves img_7280c nejlika clove