New Dahlia

Dahlia Fire and Ice
Our friends gave us a bag of three dahlia tubers in the spring. The packaging label says  ‘Fire and Ice’.  I was afraid I had planted them upside down as it took very long before I was able to see anything growing in the pot. I have looking forward to see if they match the picture.

Now my ‘Fire and Ice’ is in bloom. It is very different from the picture . More fire than ice. The flowers are very beautiful. I have looked for images on the net and found some pictures that look like my flowers. They call them Anemone Dahlia. I think that is what mine is.
Dahlia img_7189cc
There will be many, many flowers. Here is the first one in bloom.
Dahlia IMG_7211CC
Isn’t it very much like anemones or what ?
Dahlia p7260035cc
Fire yes, ice no. No matter what, I love it. I hope it will stay with us many years to come

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