Orange Day Lily Hemerocallis

Orange Daylily Hemerocallis IMG_7076C
I bought a new Daylily a week or two ago. Yellow was not the color I was looking for but as there were no oranges just I took one.  There’s nothing wrong with yellows ones but I desired orange ones. As the sign said varieties I hoped the plant I took by chance would be an orange one. I read the name on the sign and repeated it to myself several times hoping to remember it. I should have written it down because by the time we were back at home I forgot it. I went back the next day and took a picture of the sign 🙂
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis img_4602C
Today, in the morning when I looked out the door I was happy to see the first flower and yes, it is orange.
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For years I have admired, in two different gardens, down the road this kind and this color lilies. I have, when no one has been around, took pictures of the. No need for that anymore 😉
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis IMG_7214C
The orange lily is a tall one. Much taller than the two other. I have to enlarge the flower bed as the lilies spread fast. They soon, next spring, need more space.

2 thoughts on “Orange Day Lily Hemerocallis

  1. saxsilverain

    such a lovely colour! you’ve been really blessed this year, first your other flowers bloomed when you thought they wouldn’t, and now the other flower turned out to be just the colour you wanted (orange) even if the packaging showed yellow! 😀 i’m sure you are having a great summer right now with these nice surprises.


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