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Orange Day Lily Hemerocallis

Orange Daylily Hemerocallis IMG_7076C
I bought a new Daylily a week or two ago. Yellow was not the color I was looking for but as there were no oranges just I took one.  There’s nothing wrong with yellows ones but I desired orange ones. As the sign said varieties I hoped the plant I took by chance would be an orange one. I read the name on the sign and repeated it to myself several times hoping to remember it. I should have written it down because by the time we were back at home I forgot it. I went back the next day and took a picture of the sign 🙂
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis img_4602C
Today, in the morning when I looked out the door I was happy to see the first flower and yes, it is orange.
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For years I have admired, in two different gardens, down the road this kind and this color lilies. I have, when no one has been around, took pictures of the. No need for that anymore 😉
Orange Daylily Hemerocallis IMG_7214C
The orange lily is a tall one. Much taller than the two other. I have to enlarge the flower bed as the lilies spread fast. They soon, next spring, need more space.