Lilium Martagon

Lilium Martagon IMG_6768C Lilium Martagon  IMG_6769C Lilium Martagon IMG_6773C

I think this is a Lilium Martagon. I saw on the net that in some pictures they called it Tiger Lily and in some Leopard Lily. I think Leopard Lily is good because of the spots so that’s what I’m going to call them. It is a beautiful flower. I really want to have of them in my garden too. The flowers in my pics I took last night when walking Canelo. Some of them were growing outside a garden in the ditch.

2 thoughts on “Lilium Martagon

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    Thank you for making me aware of the fact that Lilies are toxic to cats. I read more about Lilium Hybrids toxicity on the net. I will keep my cats away from the Lilies with a netting fence.

  2. lilianachiaburu

    Lilium is extremly toxic for the cats. I know someone who’s cat died because smelled a lilium. Since than he is very restrictive with the flowers that he growing the garden.


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