Daily Archives: June 28, 2014

Carnations ~ Dianthus

Carnations have not been one of my favorite flowers. I have no idea why. Last year, in the spring I for the first time bought carnation plants. They richly flourished all the summer, way into mid/end September. So, of course, I also bought some for this summer. I read about carnations on Wikipedia. I had no idea there are  about 300 species. Seeing the pictures I did recognize and remember some, especially, the “Borstnejlika”, the Dianthus barbatus which my mother in law bought every summer to plant in the garden at the summer cottage. I think I will buy some of them too next summer.
Carnation Nejlika Dianthus  IMG_4457C Carnation Nejlika Dianthus IMG_6685C Carnation Nejlika Dianthus IMG_6689C Carnation Nejlika Dianthus IMG_6695C