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Nokian Piha Rubber Boots

Nokian Piha Rubber Boots IMG_6638CC Nokian Piha Rubber Boots IMG_6647C Nokian Piha Rubber Boots IMG_6658C

In my posting on June 13 I told about the Ristomatti Ratia boots I wanted to have. I was so excited that I wanted to order the Red Dahlia boots right the way.  I’m glad I went back to the site and checked the wide of the shaft. The Red Dahlias were not wide enough. The short-shafted Ratia boots also looked nice  but were not exactly what I had in mind. Next time we went to Myyrmanni shopping mall I tried on the Nokian Piha (Piha means garden) boots. Yes, now I found the right kind of boots for me. Only problem there were no in my size. I went to all the shops there but nope, they were either in one size larger or one size smaller. Today we went to Sello shopping mall. Yay, Piha in my size and on sale. A week ago they were 52 € now 40 €. Just let it rain. My feats do net get  soaking wet 🙂