Daily Archives: June 10, 2014

Loud Bird

When I had my morning coffee I heard a bird. He was loud ! To me the sound was exceptionally loud. Was the bird singing of joy and happiness or was he angry or maybe he was in some danger. I grabbed my cam and run to the patio. Still in T-shirt and undies ! I truly hope our neighbors didn’t happen to look out the window. The bird was sitting high up on a branch in a bird cherry tree. The cherry moth has in no time changed the big green tree to which to me now looks like a gray skeleton. The second he saw me he stopped singing and after my first shot he flew away. Good, he was fine. He probably just was extra happy this morning. I have looked for pictures of birds to figure out what bird it is. I think it’s a Blackbird, a female (Turdus merula).
Mustarastas (Turdus merula) IMG_4372C