Daily Archives: June 5, 2014

Пельме́ни – Pelmeni

I studied Russian at the Adult Education Centre in Helsinki for three years. Last year at Christmas time when the, about a total of abt 150 h, course was over, our teacher kindly invited us to brunch. She asked if any of us had ever had pelmeni . Some had , but most of us had not. She served the pelmeni with black bread, sauerkraut, Russian pickles and sour cream . She told us that she always has pelmeni in the freezer because it is easy and quick to make for guests. She said her guests find it exotic food and we thought the same. It was a very nice way to end the course. Thank you 🙂

I bought frozen pelmeni already sometime in January in a small shop ” Eestin extrat “. In January there were no pelmeni in the supermarket we go to but now there is.

The beginning of this year went so fast. I didn’t feel very well and was even in the hospital for one week. I actually forgot about the pelmeni in the freezer. Yesterday I saw them and decided that today we are going to have pelmeni for lunch. As always, when I cook something extraordinary, my husband and son are very doubtful. This time I was pleased to hear them say it was really good.
Pelmeni IMG_6101 Pelmeni IMG_6105C