Danish Smørrebrød

In 1969 in June , we were in Copenhagen, Denmark for a whole week . It was the first time for me in Copenhagen. Leif had been there on excursion with the school in 1962. He had told me about all the places we must visit and about the smørrebrøds and the “rød pølse “. It was hot all week , about 30 degrees Celsius. No air conditioning in the room at the hotel. Perhaps there was , but not in our room. During the days we strolled around in the city and of course we walked Strøget, the long pedestrian, up and down many times. We went to Nyhavn , the Zoo, the Amalienborg palace, the big department stores , we saw the little mermaid , we took a harbor and canal boat ride, we went by bus and train to Charlottenlund where we visited the Denmark National Aquarium (back then it was in Charlottenlund) . As it was so very warm we also went to the nearby  beach to get a tan . The water was freezing cold , it was just a quick dip in the ocean and no swim. In the evenings we went to Tivoli . The amusement park. It was nice to just sit there outdoor in the warm summer nights and look at everything around us.

I recall all of this when I saw the ad, ” Danish Smørrebrød” (open faced sandwiches) in the window of a cafeteria in Tapiola/Hagalund ,  Ooh, it looked so good. We ate Smørrebrød and of course also “rød pølse ” (red sausages) many times during the week in Copenhagen.  I had not seen or tasted neither of them before. I now looked both up on Google and learned they are, in fact, national dishes . Still this day, when we are in Denmark , it is a must to have them for nostalgic reasons . I haven’t made smørrebrød myself for a veeery long time. They looked so delicious in the ad that I went to buy of them. It was hard to decide which as all the different toppings looked yummy. Roast beef, shrimps, meet, salmon etc. We bought two with roast beef and took them with us home. Yes, they were good 🙂 In the picture it looks like there’s no roast beef at all but there was plenty 😀Danish smørrebrød IMG_6010C

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