My Sister Riding Her Horse “Mortti”

My sister bought a horse, Mortti, in 2011. It must have been in the fall as I remember I said we will come to see her riding in the spring. Now three springs later, we today went there. What a wonderful summer day to visit the country side. She has rented a place where she is keeping him. It’s just about a 15 minute drive from her city apartment. She had been riding already early in the morning. Good for her and the horse as by the time we arrived it was already very warm. She took a quick ride just enough for me to shoot a couple of pictures.   Today , by the way, is the warmest day of the spring. Plus 31 degrees Celsius.

Thank you dear sis for having us there and thank you for the coffee and of course the nice time together with you and your husband.

Meillä oli aivan ihana aamupäivä kanssanne. Mortti on todella ihana ja kaunis. Kiitos siskoseni mukavasta seurasta ja kahvista. Mörrille rapsutuksia.
My sis and her horse img_4304cc My sis and her horse  IMG_5850C My sis and her horse IMG_5871C My sis and her horse IMG_5868C

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